Trinity in the Sun #1daytogo

A couple of months back, while I was witnessing to someone, I remember the person ask me, “How is God three and yet one? I vaguely remember now just looking at the sun, I turned to the person (can’t remember if it was a male or a female) and replied as led. I said ‘look at the Continue reading “Trinity in the Sun #1daytogo”



Good evening peeps!!!!

As believers, I’m sure we must have heard about the story of the infamous twins in the bible; Jacob and Esau and how one of them was a thief and the other’s worth was a meal of bread and pottage. Growing up, I always wondered what effect the sold birthright had on Esau that was so bad that he could never recover from it. Recently, I was just going through the story of Israel from His grandfather Abraham and I noticed something; Continue reading “GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND BIRTHRIGHT”

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