Hello Birdie 

Night Owl.

Early Bird.

Nest Builder.



So these past few weeks I’ve been trying to get an apartment to move into in preparation for the clinical stage of my course and these past few weeks has also been the most eye opening in a long while. It’s heart wrenching to actually come to accept that not everybody is as honest as they seem.

I happen to be a very trusting person and with me, you’re innocent until proven guilty. I could have heard terrible stuff about you and I’d still deal with you on neutral grounds and give you a chance to redeem yourself- at least with me.

I learned fast.


Unfortunately, people


Journey To The Past

Let’s take a walk back,

Hand in hand on the hands of time
Or back-cycle on the wheels of time
To way before the mess
To when we started
Where you said ‘hello’
And I- ‘hi’

Let’s take a walk back,
Hand in hand on the hands of time
Or back-cycle on the wheels of time
To undo this mess
To when we’d end this
Where you’d say ‘hello’
And I- ‘goodbye’


Dear Father, 

Dear Father,

Teach us to journey,
Journey within,
Within you in us

Hold our hands
And guide us through ancient paths and sacred ways
Lead us through the mountains and the rivers of living waters

Reveal unto us, our identity
Let us see our reflection- you,
In the crystal sea that flows from you and in you -in us

Show us the beauty in you
From where the beauty of creation takes its roots
In the fullness of which you put within us

Speak unto us in the ancient language
With the words by which you formed the worlds
And touch our lips and draw forth the same words from within us in you

Cause us to speak also
Of the wonders of you in us
Of how you raised your Son for us
And put yourself in us
Let your love compel us to share you to the world and bring to you more sons

So teach us Father,
Teach us to journey,
Journey within,
Within you in us.


Most times when we –especially the ladies hear about a lady being sexually harassed, we are quick to jump to her defense and lash out at the man. We usually don’t stop for a while and try to ascertain the lady knows she’s being harassed. We just assume she knows and we dive right into justice, which isn’t wrong in itself except some ladies don’t feel harassed at all.

I learned something important today. I learned that basic things mean different things to different people and excesses is relative.

I was walking into school earlier today and as I walked past a group of bus drivers, I



Hello peeps! So I was having a conversation with my friends about a story that was circulating round twitter in my part of the world about a man who disguised as a woman on twitter, gave a fake pitiful story about being in need of school fee or something and solicited for support from the twitter community. Of course twitter came to the aid of a “good girl” who chose cyber begging over selling her body for money and many people transferred money to the account “she” provided. Turned out, the account belonged to his friend’s sister and they all knew about the plan. Somehow the twitter community Continue reading “CYBER CRIME, LAW ENFORCEMENT AND ENTERTAINMENT AGENCIES”

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