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I would sing a birthday song,

But my voice isn’t equipped enough to give a befitting melody,

To convey the message of love in my heart,

The feeling of gratitude deep seated within my bones.

The words I’d utter, limited by my vocabulary

Would fail at expressing the great Joy threatening to burst through the seams of my being13879195_1262944910436336_2946305399568628487_n

Another year added,

Another hurdle crossed,

Like Gold, you walk out of the fire purer

Like Wine, you get finer with age

Like a daughter of the kingdom, you mature with experience.

I could collect every precious stone the world has got to offer

And they all wouldn’t still match up to your worth

You’re costly yet priceless

And somehow still within my reach

I’m blessed to have you,

I call you blessed!!!

Blessed is the work of your hands

Great is the increase of your domain

Deeper into the knowledge of your Father you delve,

Incomprehensible love of your Father you experience.

Happy Birthday Mama Pearl!!!!Iya Alabi

I love you till the end of time!



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Dear mum,

You brought us to life and gave life to us. You taught us discipline and showed us how to live by it. You brought us up in the way of the Lord and taught us to live by faith. You taught us love and how to live by it by being a perfect example yourself…. Despite our flaws and wrongs you loved us the same. Sacrificing all and making being a mother to us a full time job.13413659_1217477464983081_6659512595650575323_n(1) Today, we celebrate you for all that; the love, care and discipline. We hope and pray that as you begin another chapter in your life, all you ever want and desire would be yours and your life would be filled with joy from above and peace in your heart. We love you mum, from the bottom of our hearts. Happy birthday to a rare gem, the best mum in the world!!!!!gold2

From Pelumi, Rinumi and Pamilerin