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Journey To The Past

Let’s take a walk back,

Hand in hand on the hands of time
Or back-cycle on the wheels of time
To way before the mess
To when we started
Where you said ‘hello’
And I- ‘hi’

Let’s take a walk back,
Hand in hand on the hands of time
Or back-cycle on the wheels of time
To undo this mess
To when we’d end this
Where you’d say ‘hello’
And I- ‘goodbye’


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AJA : THE GODDESS OF THE FORESTShe tried to maintain balance on the saddle of her bicycle as she felt the all too familiar stirring on her insides, causing heat to spread all over her body. With a quick glance at the sky, and adjusting the goods in the basket attached to her bicycle, she paddled faster. She noticed as the people from the market hurriedly locked up their shops, running past her, yet maintaining a distance from her. Apparently even the rush to safety before the priests and worshippers of Aja started their sacrifices was not life threatening enough to cause smiles much less greetings escape their lips to the village outcast; the husband murderer they couldn’t kill simply because they had no evidence. She let out a slow hiss. All these could’ve been avoided if there wasn’t such a commotion at the next village where she bought her goods. Unreasonable villagers couldn’t have their celebrations without blocking the entrances into and out of the village, pure waste of time.

 The clouds were getting darker and she could see the moon beginning to disappear to pave way for complete darkness, increasing the stirring on the inside which wasn’t unexpected. She paddled past a group of market women rushing back to their homes, pretending not to notice their awkward silence and snickers as they watched her ride.

“I hope Aja strikes her dead” she heard one of the women curse out and she let out a sad smile. Only if they knew. 

The wind began to pick up making howling sounds and she knew she couldn’t hold it in much longer anymore.

“Hush.. just a little bit more” she whispered to herself which came out as more of a plead. 

The hairs at the back of her neck stood and her heart picked up its pace as the chants of the priests to Aja from afar off filtered into her ears and she heaved a sigh of relief as she saw the entrance to the forest she had come to call home.

“Just a little further” she whispered as she paddled into the entrance. The trees rustled around her and birds chirped above in….

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AJA : THE GODDESS OF THE FOREST By Alabi Oyinkansola @Khariespearl // #30daysflashfiction

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The last ray of sunlight disappeared as the sky turned into a dark blue mass, spotting a few twinkling stars ​

“Hey rocky.. Watch, see how she comes so gracefully, the epitome of beauty, the love of my life” the ocean whispered in waves to the lone rock that made it’s abode within it.
“Here we go again, you rambling on about the love you claim to have that you would never experience” Rocky replied as ocean’s waves crashed on him in excitement..
“Sometimes Rocky, we can’t embrace the ones we truly love, but it doesn’t change the fact that we truly love them just as much as they love us” Ocean replied calmly as he let his love shine over him, his every curve, bend and wave exposed to the radiance of her beauty.

 He derived pleasure in watching her reflect her beauty on him, changing his blue to glistening silver. 

A calm breeze blew over ocean and he watched, giggling to the arch of rocky, as ripples formed over his surface.. 
“You know, I’ve seen you everyday for a really long time but I’m always spellbound each time she comes around, it’s like a new definition of beauty is birthed each time you make love to each other” Rocky whispered to ocean as he stared at the beauty spread in front of him
Ocean sighed in ecstasy as he watched a couple of migrating birds chirp in admiration of the beauty they beheld as the traveled over him.. 
“Shhhh.. Quiet. we’d talk later, I don’t have much time until she leaves” Ocean replied as he suspended his conversation to bask in the beauty of his lover. 

He took a long stare at her; perfectly round, his ideal shade of white with patches and spots of gray that were hardly noticeable.. hundreds of thousands of kilometers away yet so clear and immensely beautiful -a sight to behold and he heaved another sigh of content.. He admired her calmly some more and could already notice her moving down the horizon and smiled, wondering how much time he must have spent oggling her.
“Doesn’t it hurt? She’s leaving again. She does this everyday; comes at night, never says a word to you, never expresses her feelings and by morning, in the crash of a wave, she’s gone. I’d rather have a lonesome life like mine than a one sided relationship like yours” Rocky spoke to Ocean, voice calm and full of emotions
Ocean chuckled as he watched her leave.. “Oh she speaks, but I can’t hear her because of the distance between us.. Actions convey more emotions and meaning than words. I’m content as long as she comes every night and reflects on me.. Her beauty and mine dancing to the music of love and communicating through our actions of commitment.. As long as she comes everyday, I’d wait every single day, for a thousand years and beyond and even if she doesn’t come everyday, I’d still wait two thousand years and forever to gaze upon her beauty once more” 
“You’ve never really met her, and probably never would. how can you be so in love?” Rocky questioned, baffled
“Our essences meet and combine everyday… How much more could I ask for?” Ocean replied, chuckling once more with a heavy crash on rocky
“You’re crazy Ocean” 
“Unashamed” Ocean replied

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Invincibly Visible

Go to the top of a cliff

Pick up a stone, outstretched arms

Release the stone.

Without permission from you,

The stone heads towards the ground

A greater force permits it.
Oh ye wise!

Look at the force,

What color is it? Red or blue?

How tall is it? 14ft or 4″

Oh, you can’t see it? Nor describe it?

But you know it exists.
Gravity exists but you don’t see it

Yet you believe it

You don’t see God physically

So you don’t believe He is

You’re wise in your eyes

Foolish in your thoughts
The stone didn’t need your permission

To obey the law of gravity

So is your opinion useless

To prove the God almighty

There’s a greater force to reckon with

We obey the law of the Spirit 

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Holy, Holy,… UnHoly Thoughts

Good day to everyone. As believers, I believe we get so caught up in our desires to live the kind of life God expects us to live that we sometimes forget that it is God who works in, through and for us. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the Holiness who is God that we try to only bring our good parts and thoughts before God in prayers. Now I’m not saying this is wrong but then I had an experience a few weeks back that sort of just changed my orientation about a couple of things.

So if you’ve been reading my other blog posts, you know that I’m a grace- chic. You know, saved by grace and completed

Continue reading “Holy, Holy,… UnHoly Thoughts”

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DailyPearls 30/6/17: SALVATION: YOU’RE A SON, SO WHAT?

Holla holla!!! How did our day go? First off, I’d like to appreciate everyone who started this DailyPearls journey with me, those who joined somewhere along the line, and to my first time readers… thanks for your love and support, it’s been amazing all the way. I got a lot of calls and text messages from close friends who gave testimonies of been blessed by the series and we give all Glory back to God. I’m pretty excited tonight and I wish ya’ll could see this really big smile on my face… thank you all, really.

Okay! About a week ago, we started a series tagged SALVATION and we’ve talked about .Today we are going to be rounding off with the topic titled ‘YOU’RE A SON, SO WHAT?’.  If you’ve been following the series you’d understand that Continue reading “DailyPearls 30/6/17: SALVATION: YOU’RE A SON, SO WHAT?”

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DailyPearls 22/6/17 : THE ART AND ACT OF GIVING.

Good day to you… it’s quite cold where I am right now and even though I had great plans for the day when I woke up, I’ve been in bed for the better part of the day so wassup? In today’s pearl we are going to be talking briefly on the topic of GIVING. It’s short I promise.

Straight to it:

First we need to understand that as believers, we give because we Continue reading “DailyPearls 22/6/17 : THE ART AND ACT OF GIVING.”

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DailyPearls 14/6/17: JUST A LIL’ BIT LONGER.

Good morning to us all!!!!!!! I wanted to talk about something else, but I was inspired to encourage instead.  So I know some of us are going through tough times now and for some of us, It seems like it would never end. Things are not going as planned, we have huge debts we need to pay off, going through hurt and disappointments from the least expected people, things not going well at work.. Name it. I’m here to tell you, it will all pass. Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. It won’t be like that forever. At the end of your tunnel, is light shining so bright you would hardly believe it. 

Look at it this way, your life is a puzzle and you have pieces that are not fitting in to a particular spot, if you keep on trying, it would finally fit into the total puzzle, maybe not into the spot you intended it to fit into but the one it would fit into would be perfect, just the right spot. It would all make sense in the end. Remember only God sees the complete picture? He knows how it’s supposed to be. He wants what’s good for you

*[[Jer 29:11]] Message* I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out-plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

That is in the Message version of the bible. God knows what he’s doing. He’s working on you, you’re a work in progress. He doesn’t abandon projects and completion of God’s work is ALWAYS amazing. Just continue in the faith, live a life in the spirit, study, pray, and keep at what you’re doing (Except when led otherwise by the spirit). Don’t compromise your faith. Remember

*[[Rom 8:28]] KJV* And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

We have been called according to God’s purpose and we love Him so we can be sure that all things are working in our favor. God got us covered.

So rejoice! Even in pain, rejoice! In tribulation, be joyous! Let your heart be at peace. It can only get better. God never promised us a pain-free life, what He promised is to always be with us, giving us peace unlike that the world gives

*[[Joh 14:18]] KJV* I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

*[[Joh 14:27]] KJV* Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

He would give beauty for ashes and at the end of the day, you’d be Happy you trusted Him to pull you through this. Celebration  awaits you at the end of the road!!! Look forward to it!!!!!

Father, help us to trust you and your plans for our lives. Help us to live in the reality of the knowledge that you love us very much and would keep your promises. Multiply unto us the grace to be patient and to wait on you. Amen.

 Let’s keep this in mind as we continue with our daily activities. God loves you and so do I. 


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DailyPearls 11/6/17: THIS GOSPEL, OR NOT?


Good evening family. Happy Sunday to everyone. How was service today? I was blessed in church and I believe we all were. This evening we are going to be talking about THE GOSPEL. What is the gospel? What does it mean to preach the gospel?

I assume that we all might have at one point or the other had the Gospel preached to us, probably in church or on the sidewalks or on buses. As a matter of fact, if you live in the same part of the world I live in, I’m pretty sure at one time in your life or the other, you must have had an experience Continue reading “DailyPearls 11/6/17: THIS GOSPEL, OR NOT?”