Writer’s Quote: The Mother

So earlier this morning, I was on a page on Instagram and I saw a lot of comments where people were advising this pregnant young girl to get an abortion… As much as I understand it’s difficult to have a baby at such a young age, I strongly believe that endangering your life and killing your baby is not the right path to go. Laws of the universe was at work; Have sex, make a baby. 

I don’t encourage premarital sex, but if for some reason you get yourself involved in it, please!!!! Use protections.. Grow up and take  responsibilities. It would prevent a lot of stories that touch and stupid abortion advice. I’ve spoken with quite a number of people and getting an abortion turned out to be the most traumatizing events of their lives. Don’t let the devil use you; he’s nasty. He’d make you do something terrible and then forever make you feel guilty about doing it.. This is not my typical post but I felt led to share it.. Below is a link to a poem I happened to stumble upon today. It’s real and plain… Please do click on the link and read it.

Remember; your body is the Temple of the Most High; keep it Holy and protect it. 



Happy Sunday y’all!


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