Halima…A tale of Departure

Halima kicked a pebble on the sidewalk and watched it roll down across the street. She felt a mild throbbing on her toe caused by the impact of the stone on her toes but was too engrossed it her thoughts to pay it any mind as she walked down the street leading to her house. She thought over the words of the lady who was one of the visitors that came to visit her government school today. She couldn’t remember the name of their organization but they had clearly stated that they were the government’s voice for the children. They had said quite a number of things, but one statement kept replaying in her head Continue reading “Halima…A tale of Departure”



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Good evening peeps!!!!

As believers, I’m sure we must have heard about the story of the infamous twins in the bible; Jacob and Esau and how one of them was a thief and the other’s worth was a meal of bread and pottage. Growing up, I always wondered what effect the sold birthright had on Esau that was so bad that he could never recover from it. Recently, I was just going through the story of Israel from His grandfather Abraham and I noticed something; Continue reading “GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND BIRTHRIGHT”

Invincibly Visible

Go to the top of a cliff

Pick up a stone, outstretched arms

Release the stone.

Without permission from you,

The stone heads towards the ground

A greater force permits it.
Oh ye wise!

Look at the force,

What color is it? Red or blue?

How tall is it? 14ft or 4″

Oh, you can’t see it? Nor describe it?

But you know it exists.
Gravity exists but you don’t see it

Yet you believe it

You don’t see God physically

So you don’t believe He is

You’re wise in your eyes

Foolish in your thoughts
The stone didn’t need your permission

To obey the law of gravity

So is your opinion useless

To prove the God almighty

There’s a greater force to reckon with

We obey the law of the Spirit 

We welcome you to Spouses!!!… Sorry, Service..

Hey peeps, it’s amazing how this is the third time I’m posting something today.. lol..
I decided to view my blog as my amebo (gossip) partner… So I’m in the car, on my way to church right now and i just heard a program invitation played on radio… After the program was introduced and invitations given, the next thing I heard was “come and you stand an opportunity of meeting your prospective spouses…”..​ ​Uuhhm what??? Seriously??

I refuse to believe that the church in my part of the world would choose meeting prospective spouses over a believers meeting to share the word. It’s unfortunate that meeting a spouse in a believers meeting has to be used as a tool to lure believers to come to church. I don’t know what vexes me more;
The fact that believers in my side of the world are so marriage pressured that it would actuality work as a tool to get them to do almost anything, or
The fact that church organizations chose to take advantage of the pressure to lure ignorant believers to their meetings..
This is quite amusing but not really funny.. Most times I wonder how this particular generation of believers are going to cope when real issues of life besides marriage sets in.. After they get their spouses, does that mean they would no longer attend believers meetings? I wonder.

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Holla Peeps!! So I got nominated for an award here on WordPress.. *dances terribly around. Lol. It is the LEIBSTER AWARD!! unnamedThis award is aimed at creating a relationship between bloggers and letting the readers know more about their writers. Actually this nomination came in about two weeks ago but I’ve been quite occupied and I didn’t have time to reply it; right now, I’m listening to my Hillsong Playlist and I feel so wonderful, I decided to do this now.

First I’d like to appreciate fhavours.wordpress.com  for nominating me for this award, thanks so much dear. You guys should visit her blog sometime, she’s super fun and real.

Apparently, there are rules for the award which are:

  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers.
  4. Ask 11 new questions from the 11 new people you nominated.

Here are my answers to Fhavours questions:

  1. Novels or Movies? Well, I’m not too sure. I think it depends on my mood or the phase I’m going through.
  2. What is your favorite color? I usually don’t have a favorite color but of late I’ve been loving myself some green *smiles
  3. Favorite cartoon as a child? I kinda liked Ben 10 a lot as a child.
  4. What is the color of your phone case? Black
  5. Which do you prefer? A long prom dress or a short prom dress? Definitely a long one.
  6. Sandals or Shoes? Sandals all the way!
  7. If you really needed help from a family member, who would you call first, parents or siblings? The first call is going to my momma.
  8. What part of blogging interests you? that would be surfing through posts on wordpress
  9. What talent can you display anytime without stress? Spoken word poetry. It sorta flows pretty easily for me.
  10. If you were to be cast in a popular favorite movie you like, what movie would that be?(it’s a Korean drama)
  11. What do you like about my blog? I like your originality. It inspires me.

Here are my nominees:













Questions For my nominees!!!

  1. When was your blog created?
  2. Favorite writing topic?
  3. Favorite time of the day?
  4. Do you love nature? What’s your favorite part of nature?
  5. How do you stay consistent in blogging?
  6. If you were given the ticket to travel to three places of your choice, where would those places be?
  7. What’s your definition of an ideal vacation?
  8. Old songs or modern songs?
  9. What’s your favorite food?
  10. First novel you ever read?
  11. Who are your top three authors?

There it is!!!! I hope ya’ll enjoyed it. I remain your favorite girl


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Beautiful Perfection

Good afternoon fellas!!! I wrote this yesterday.. Always remember that you are perfect in Christ… He fulfilled His promise of giving beauty for ashes… 

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Hello fam!! So a couple of days ago, I saw a movie and a question was asked in one of the scenes which i found quite interesting. So I’m throwing this question to ya’ll;Assuming you are in a room with ten people who are asleep and you kinda know that there’s no getting out of that room alive for anyone of you. Do you wake the other ten up to at least try to fight for their lives or you let them just sleep to death?? ​I’m looking forward to your responses please…*smiles.

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I would sing a birthday song,

But my voice isn’t equipped enough to give a befitting melody,

To convey the message of love in my heart,

The feeling of gratitude deep seated within my bones.

The words I’d utter, limited by my vocabulary

Would fail at expressing the great Joy threatening to burst through the seams of my being13879195_1262944910436336_2946305399568628487_n

Another year added,

Another hurdle crossed,

Like Gold, you walk out of the fire purer

Like Wine, you get finer with age

Like a daughter of the kingdom, you mature with experience.

I could collect every precious stone the world has got to offer

And they all wouldn’t still match up to your worth

You’re costly yet priceless

And somehow still within my reach

I’m blessed to have you,

I call you blessed!!!

Blessed is the work of your hands

Great is the increase of your domain

Deeper into the knowledge of your Father you delve,

Incomprehensible love of your Father you experience.

Happy Birthday Mama Pearl!!!!Iya Alabi

I love you till the end of time!



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