DailyPearls 24/6/17: SALVATION: THE FALL OF MAN

Good evening!!!! How is our Saturday going? Mine is going pretty steady here. Yesterday we started a series on SALVATION and we talked about SALVATION: LIFE IN EDEN. Today we are going to be talking about THE FALL. So what is the fall of man? What really happened at the fall?

We know from scriptures that God permitted Adam to eat from all the trees in the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What was so wrong about the tree that God had to clearly instruct them against eating it? Note that when man was formed, he was formed innocent and without any knowledge of sin or death. He didn’t have the knowledge of what was evil and how it was different from what was right as long as he didn’t eat from the forbidden tree. Before eating from the tree, everything man did was ‘right’. God warned him not to eat of the tree because man was going to be eating the corruptible seed (seed that leads to death) which comes from the knowledge of evil if he ate from the tree. The instruction God gave man was actually to benefit man in his process of learning. God knew the difference between good and evil; well because He’s God but he didn’t have the seed of evil in him. In God there is no evil but since He’s omniscience, He knows it all.

The devil knew about this, he understood the gravity of man’s disobedience. He knew the difference between good and evil. He understood spiritual death caused by evil because He himself had become that through his separation from God- the source of life to the Spirit. So he came, deceived Eve, told her to eat of the tree, she did and lovingly gave it to her husband; shifting loyalty in the process, disobeying God.

When they ate from the tree, they ate the seed of corruption and they ‘knew Evil’ in their spirit. So they had the seed- nature of evil, sin in them which leads to death.  Remember our topic on the triune nature of man and how man learns from his spirit, processes it in the soul and exercises in the body? Their soul was already learning from the nature of sin in them and the first reaction in the body was to hide from God. The bible records that after they ate of the tree, their eyes were opened and they knew they were naked. They had been naked right from creation but they didn’t know whether it was right or wrong; they didn’t even know what naked was. Before they ate from the tree, there was never any thought of hiding because they didn’t even know something could warrant them hiding from God.

The first effect of the fall was the spiritual death. Relationship was destroyed and man as a spirit was disconnected from his source of life. He now had a new source, the seed of corruption; of the devil, in his spirit. Man is a spirit and would always learn from his spirit, so it’s either he is learning from God in his spirit – life, or he is learning evil from his spirit – death. There really is no fence in the spirit. You’re either here or there.

God cannot behold evil and man had become evil so he could not dwell in Eden- God’s presence again. He had to be driven out down to the earth to till it and he lost access to eat from the tree of life because if he had eaten from it in his fallen state, he would’ve have lived forever as a fallen being.

Gen 3:22-24

And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” 23 So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. 24 After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side e of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life. NIV

That’s not God’s plan for humanity. The devil succeeded in bringing man to his level, making man like himself.


Man was fallen and so lost the dominion God handed to him over the earth; and the ground was cursed because of man’s actions. It would no longer bring good fruits and seeds for food to man but man would have to till it and sweat before he could eat. Eve would have to labour in pain before bringing forth. The serpent was cursed. After the fall, every man that came from Adam was no longer in God’s image or likeness, but after that of man; fallen.


Gen 5:1-4

This is the written account of Adam’s line.

When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God. 2 He created them male and female and blessed them. And when they were created, he called them “man. a”

3 When Adam had lived 130 years, he had a son in his own likeness, in his own image; and he named him Seth. 4 After Seth was born, Adam lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters. NIV


It seemed like God’s plan for humanity had been thwarted, sadly….and so tomorrow, we are going to be talking on God’s plan for redemption. You’re welcome to join in. I believe we were blessed by this.

Father, we pray that we continue to grow in the knowledge of you. Amen.

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10 thoughts on “DailyPearls 24/6/17: SALVATION: THE FALL OF MAN

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      1. It looks like you are taking the adversary of God to be a specific demonic figure, but it is every adversary, so it can be me, you, John, Joshua or Peter who was called a satan by Jesus.


      2. So you don’t believe in the existence of the Devil? Or Satan as the case may be? Wow…. Even after the story of the fall? Read Isaiah 14:12-17, Ezekiel 28:13-17, Rev 12:3-4 … So yes, there is a devil who is a fallen Angel. Cherub to be specific.. Please study your bible more


      3. Also… I can’t even be affiliated to Satan in any way because I’m joined with God and the He who is joined to God is one spirit with Him. 1Cor 6:17… I’m one Spirit with the Godhead


      4. I only can hope you shall not come to consider your unity with the Holy Spirit to be meaning how you seem to understand the unity of Christ with the Spirit > meaning that you think you are God.


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