DailyPearls 12/6/17: CONFESSIONS

Good morning family. This morning we’re just going to be speaking words into our day and week generally. Remember, there’s power when you speak, so let’s make it a habit to speak positively into our lives.. Keep on speaking good things into existence in your life, trust me, it works!!.. Straight to it!

I am a child of God

I have the spirit of God in me

Therefore I know his will

I know to do his will which is right

I live with the consciousness of Christ in me

I know I’ve been blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus

I live with the consciousness of these blessings

Spiritually, I am enriched

Christ had been made unto me wisdom

I am wise, I make wise decisions

I get good results

I can not be poor

Because God will provide all my needs

According to his riches in Christ Jesus

This week, I find favor in the sight of men

As I have found in the sight of God

Lines fall unto me in pleasant places

I am a source of blessing to others

I show love to others

I give solution to the problems of others

God is glorified in me, and through me

My week is blessed

And Every day of the week is fruitful


Keep on saying these and other positive things into your week and life. Remain blessed.

Don’t forget to like, comment and share with loved ones. I love you.



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