My Secret Muse

If I could draw

I’d pick out the best pencils

And sketch out your very structure

Muscles and veins

Your pose and poise.

If I could paint,

I’d picture your silhouette

And paint you in shades of black and white

Folded sleeves, striking stance

A monochromatic perfection.

If I were a photographer,
I’d take thousands of your pictures

As your expressions blend into nature

And sun rays highlight your features

Your soft spots and rough edges

I’d capture them all.

But I’m just a writer

So instead I’d write

About how the sight of you

Is enough inspiration for me

And your smile plucks out sweet words 

Like fruits from the tree of my heart,

And how I steal glances at you

My perfect work of art.

I’ve now accepted my fate
That Irrespective of my work state

You’d have the same effect

My form of art doesn’t matter

You’re simply my Muse

My secret Muse

And I’m doomed to loving every bit of you


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