A Sojourners Journey

​It was a bright and sunny morning as Christian took

off on His journey to

the unknown land called YEAR 2016. With joy and

excitement he strapped his

bags to his shoulders and began his foot journey.

He wasn’t rich enough to

get a car so his legediz benz would have to do.

After walking for twenty

four hours, trying to get out of the city of YEAR2015

that turned out not

to be the best city he passed through, he finally got

to the signpost that

read welcome to “JANUARY 2016”. His excitement

knew no bounds as memories

of the prayers and prophesies given to him by his

very good friend and

pastor in YEAR2015 came to mind. As prophesied,

village January which was

in the outskirts of YEAR2016 promised joy and

fortune. Although he had

spent most of his earnings during the sendforth

party thrown for him by the

people of the land of YEAR2015, he had great

hopes that he would be able to

trade some valuables in the land of YEAR2016 and

he was going to get more

than enough to see him through his stay in the land.

As soon as he stepped

into the village of January, other globetrotters like

him greeted him and

congratulated him on his success on getting into

the unknown land that they

were eager to explore.

“Congrats my brother!!” a man who introduced

himself as Blessed opened his

arms wide and enveloped Christian in a big hug. He

seemed just as excited

Christian was and looked like he was going to be

good company on their


“Same to you my brother oooo!! It’s not easy.

Hmmm. Only God could have

brought us this far” Christian said, smiling as he

released himself from

Blessed big hug. While they were still

congratulating each other, about ten

other people came and joined the discussion.

“How many streets do we have to pass through

before we get into the next

village?” a lady who had “call me Comfort” printed

on her shirt asked the


“Thirty one streets o my sister” another lady who

had introduced herself as

Riches gave a reply “… the village of January is so

much fun, I can’t wait

to see how February would look like. I’m super

excited!!!” she squealed

And so the conversation continued in that manner

and Christian was so glad

he had amazing people travelling with him through

the Land of YEAR2016.

By the time they arrived at the thirtieth street, a

member of the group

whose name was Excitement decided that he

wanted to settle down in the

village of January as he doubted any other village

was going to match his

vigor. The rest of the group wished him well and

continued on their

journey. Soon they all arrived at the gate of the

village of February. They

were welcomed by guards with big smiles on their

faces and red balloons in

shapes of hearts at the gate. Going into the village

they were amazed at

the level of love and rejoicing in the village and

soon they joined in the

love mood.

“I hear they call this village the love village,

everywhere is filled with

various expressions of love… it reminds me of the

village I passed through

in the land of YEAR2015, they’re so similar” Joy

whispered into Christian’s

ear and he giggled

“I know right, let’s hope they are celebrating LOVE

himself as He is the

one who gave us the grace to travel through this

land.” Christian replied

“…I hope we celebrate it well ‘cause I heard we

have just twenty nine

streets to pass through before we get to the village

of March, I also

learnt that things go pretty smoothly from that

village onwards and there

isn’t much difference from the land of YEAR2015

anymore except occasional

bumps and surprises” he continued.

The group celebrated and rejoiced as they passed

through the village of

February and by the time they got to the village of

March, there were less

than five in number. Four to be precise. Christian,

Faith, Endurance and


Christian looked up at the sky and frowned

“What is it? Faith asked as they stepped into the

village of March.

“Nothing serious, it’s just that it’s just late morning

and I’m running low

on resources already. How am I supposed to cope

until midnight when we

reach the last villages in this land? I expected

resources in abundance as

my pastor prophesied but it seems like he

prophesied wrongly” Christian

moaned as he dragged his feet through the rough

dusty roads of March

Endurance smiled and held his hands “You know, I

was talking to the father

earlier today and He told me to remind you of His

promise to provide all

your needs according to His riches in glory” she

said, squeezing his hands

softly “.

“Don’t worry Chris, it would be fine” Faith said,

tapping his shoulders.

For now, let’s just worry about walking through this

rough dusty road of


And so they travelled and travelled, through the

valleys and over the

mountains, fell down a couple of times and had to

survive the hostility of

the inhabitants of the villages of April, May, and

even the twin villages

June and July.

When they reached the village of August, it was

already getting dark and

they had run out of all resources. Endurance was

getting fed up with the

situation and soon she began to grumble. Faith

was angry and disappointed

because she expected more from Endurance as they

were supposed to walk hand

in hand and soon a fight ensued. Christian was

helpless to the situation

and Peace decided to make settlement in the

village of August because she

could not stand arguments and malice.

“It’s already getting dark and yet I’ve not seen the

fulfillment of the

promises and prophesies that came forth. I’m

beginning to think that the

land of YEAR2016 isn’t all that it was cut out to

be”. Christian grumbled

as they approached the thirtieth street in August

“I know how you feel Chris but do you remember

the first promise that came

forth?” Endurance asked, trying to get back on good

terms with Faith

“The one about long life?” Christian asked,


“Yes, the one about long life… think about it, don’t

you see that that

promise is being fulfilled? I heard it from the

inhabitants of the village

that about five percent of the people who started

this journey with us died

on the road after being unable to cope with the

harsh conditions anymore.”

Endurance replied

“You’re right Endurance… but what of the other

promises? I’m thinking of

giving up too. It’s getting tougher than I can bear.”

Christian said with

slumped shoulders

“Remember when The Father told us the other day

that His promises are Yes

and Amen? He is not man that He should lie. He

would bring His words to

pass.” Faith said, smiling and straightening his


They walked through the last street of August

groggily and frustrated. By

the time they got to the gate of September, it was

already dark and silent.

There was nobody to usher them in and it seemed

like the whole world had

rejected them. As Christian kept on lamenting and

complaining, he missed

his step and soon was stumbling and before he

knew it, he had stumbled into

the first street in the village of September and the

last thing he heard

was the voices of faith and endurance consoling

him and promising to get

him help.

When he opened his eyes, he saw nothing and

could only hear the chirping

sounds of crickets. He tried to stand up but the

pain in his thighs just

got worse. He couldn’t take it anymore

“Faith! Endurance!!” he called out but was replied

by the echoes of his own

voice followed by cold dead silence. The wind

began to howl mercilessly

and the cold bit on his wrinkled flesh as Lightning

struck the sky and

thunder roared.

“This wasn’t what you promised to give me in this

land!!! Where are you

father? I need your help! Why can’t I hear you now

that I need to?!” He

screamed, afraid and desperate for help and

salvation. His stomach grumbled

as he once again was reminded of his hunger.

“Even when you pass through deep waters, I am

with you. And when you pass

through the fire you will not be burned” the words

came to Christian as a

mere whisper but he knew that they were from his


“But I’m so scared and hungry and tired and hurt…

and so alone. I want to

give up… just let me die” Chris muttered with as

much energy as he could


“My grace is sufficient for you, My power is made

sufficient in weakness”

the reply was as calm as ever and this time,

Christian didn’t bother to ask

another question. He lay there and awaited the

darkness that was death.

Just as he closed his eyes, he felt a drop of water

on his forehead then

his arm and legs and every other part.

“Rain.” He muttered. He didn’t think it could get

worse than it already

was. He let the stream of tears flow freely from his

eyes as the torrents

of rain from the sky washed them down. He never

felt as dejected as he felt

at that point. This was hands down the worst

journey he had been on.

“Father, take me. This darkness wouldn’t end” he

gasped as the fast current

of water began to move his body down a hill

“Darkness lasts only for a night, but joy comes in

the morning. Fear not

for I am with you” same calm voice

“But I don’t feel you here with me… I wish I did”

Christian whispered and

lost consciousness once again.

This time when Christian woke up, it had stopped raining but there clouds were still dark and the night air chilly. He opened his eyes to see that he was at the entrance of a big cave by this time he was not alone. Three women were helping him stand up, one of whom was Comfort who had left him before. The other women’s names were kindness and happiness.

“Welcome Christian, it must have been a long and hard night. Come in, we have good prepared for you.” Comfort said, with a smile on her face

“How did you know I was coming here? Where are we now?” Christian asked, groggily as he struggled to stand up, noticing his legs were already in bandages

“The father told us to prepare to minster to you… And we are now at the gate of the village of November” Kindness said, taking his bags off his shoulders.

“Rejoice, the worst is over” Happiness said while helping him to walk into the cave.

“Where does this cave lead to?” Christian asked, wondering what happened in the villages of September and October and wondering how he survived

“It leads to the village of December which is a tunnel” kindness replied.

“Not to worry dear, the father gave us instructions on how to take care of you on the rest of our journey, all is well” Comfort continued.

Christian entered the cave of the village of November with them and they ministered to him for the next thirty turns till they got to the entrance of a tunnel that read “welcome to the great village of December”.

“This is the entrance to the village of December.. This is the final village in the land of YEAR2016.. Congrats Christian” Happiness said with so much joy and gusto

“Congrats too.. But I’m so tired and I still didn’t get all my promises and wishes. This land was supposed to be very nice and flowing with milk and honey. Opposite is the case.” Christian grumbled

“You know what we’re going to do? Comfort said smiling, “… you’re going to name all the unfulfilled promises, one for each turn in the village of December for the next fifteen turns and then name your blessings for the remaining sixteen turns in the village of December. We’d talk more after that. Deal??”Comfort asked, still smiling.

“Deal” Christian replied.

When they got to the thirty-first turn in the village of December, Christian gasped saying “it’s the last turn already!!! I still have more blessings and no more turns to assign them to.”

“Of course you wouldn’t” laughed happiness

“Do not forget the good things that happened to you because of the bad things you are going through” said comfort.. “Remember how the Father  kept you even in the darkest of the night and how he sent us to minster to you, He is a loving father and would never abandon you.” Comfort finished with a warm smile.

“Thank you guys.. For going with Me on this journey” Christian replied why a smile too

“Look over there, do you see that light??” Kindness said, giggling

“Yes, is that what I think it is?” Christian said

“Yes dear.. That’s a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and it promises better things” kindness replied

“Wow.. What’s beyond the light??” Christan asked already excited at the sight of a new morning

“That is another land waiting to be explored by you. That is land “YEAR2017″. I asked the Father earlier and He promised that land is way better than this one” Comfort answered as they approached the end of the tunnel

“I can’t wait!!”, Christian shouted, excited as he stuck his head out of the tunnel “…Glory to God!!! I made it!!”

That’s it people! Happy new year. I love you all.. Wishing you the best as you sojourn in the land of YEAR2017!!!!!


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