Holla!!!! Five days till Christmas people!!!!… This is the third part of my Christmas Poem series… I didn’t have much inspiration for this but I made it with anyway… Enjoy!!

The fall should’ve been the end of it all

But it marked the beginning of woes to come

Of greater sins to be born

Further separation from creation’s firstborn

As man grew in population,

Iniquity increased with man’s imaginations

Lifespan dwindled with every generation

Every action led to damnation

Sin’s nature brought destruction

Pain, failure and frustration

Foolishly, man was acting without caution

And there was need for redemption…

That’s it peeps!!! Don’t forget to like, share and tell me what you think in the comment boxes below… remember to follow also!!! Merry Christmas in advance people!!! #fivedaystillchristmas… Love ya’ll!!😙😙😙😙


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