I had a beautiful dream

One so real it, it questioned my sanity

Seemingly so true and perfect

I was willing

to make it into a reality.

I must have been careless

And delved too deep into the dream world of impossibility

‘Cause soon I was drowning,

Helpless to the force of gravity my river of pain and disappointment had on me

Realizing my dream is a tease,

With desires hard to please,

I let go and surrender

And awake to the cold eyes of reality boring holes into my being

I grip my chest in pain

I’m suffocating

I try to hold on tight to my dream

And beg with silent whispers to stay

But my dream is cruel

And wouldn’t stay

Everything seems out of place

I watch in the distance, my dream fade away

With a sly smile on curved lips

Unbelievably capricious

A tear roll down

I probably didn’t try enough

Or I just wasn’t good enough

I mourn my dream

Getting lost in saudade

I quiet my longing soul

This ship has sailed

You’re never coming back

We were never meant to be…

I see now you’re unreal

You’re just a lucid dream….

My midsummer night’s dream…



Photo credit: google images



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