Hey Peeps!!!! This is the second installment of a series I’m working on. you can get the first installment here. read, like, comment and tell me what you feel. I’m open to constructive criticism.

I walked briskly down the familiar road path leading to my work place, hissing and shaking my head for the hundredth time as I angrily kicked off a pebble with the pointed part of my red heels. It just had to be today. My car just had to get the car flu and not start the morning I was meeting with the new executives who had just been appointed coming from the national headquarters. I briefly checked the wristwatch I had on. Ten minutes till I was officially late. Ten minutes before I was regarded as the lazy new recruit. I hissed again. I held my red bag with a tighter grip, smoothening my white fitted dress with my other hand as I thought about how my first discussion with the visitors was going to go as I jumped over a puddle of water formed from the rain the previous night. I was going to give them a big smile as soon as they walked in, courteously stretch forth my hands for handshakes and say in my best voice and English accent “You’re welcome to our branch”. I was going to give them a tour of the firm and they were going to be so impressed that they were going to recommend me for a promotion earlier than my colleagues.

I smiled at the thought of how things were going to go as I raised my left wrist to check the time. Seven minutes more. I increased my pace and didn’t slow down till I could see my office a few yards away. I started walking at a steady comfortable pace as my feet already hurt from the heels. I silently murmured under my breath rehearsing my lines in my almost perfect English accent. My phone started ringing and I assumed it was from work. They’ve never seen me get this late to work. I reached into my bag and pulled out the phone. I was right. Jessie, my colleague at work’s face was displayed on the screen of my phone

“hey Jess! What’s up?” I asked with a bit more enthusiasm than I was actually feeling

“where the heck are you? They are here already.”

“what?! Are you serious?” I paused for a moment.

“of course I’m serious. Be here soon”

“alright.. I’m almost at the office. Thanks”

I slipped my phone into my bag as I heard a car revving it’s engine behind my back but I just ignored it.. that was until I felt a splash of muddy rain water on my body as the car drove past me.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!!! It just had to be this morning, of all the fifty-two Mondays of the year!!!! Dude, couldn’t you even apologise??” I shouted at the top of my lungs watching as the car increased its speed and drove up. I looked down at my once spotless white dress and I could feel the floodgates of my eyes about to break. I couldn’t go back home to change even if I wanted to. My dress was totally ruined. It now had splashes of brown mud running down my sides to the hem of the dress. I stole a glance at my wristwatch. Two minutes left. I would have to manage the dress. I pulled out my handkerchief from my bag and began to dab on the damp dirty patches trying to get the dampness and the dirt at the same time and by the time I got to entrance of the firm, I was a bit more composed but a nervous wreck. I took breathing exercises and counted to three before reaching for the knob. I wasn’t expecting to see what I saw when I opened the door. With a height that looked to be above six feet at least, well-tailored suit that fit the frame in all the right corners, a chiseled face with the most beautiful deep set eyes that seemed to give a kind of glow from afar, with a mysterious expression and aura booming around him…the man looked like he could be an angel. This was my dream man. I was so sure he was ‘the One’

“I’m assuming you must be Miss Ariel Smith” he said, raising a questioning brow at me. Even his voice was enchanting

“Yes I am. I’m Ari Smith. Sorry Ariel. No. Miss Ariel Smith, or Ari… uhmmm, Miss Ariel” I couldn’t help the stutter. What was wrong with me?

“Hmmmm. I see. Come in then” he looked at me curiously like I was doing a terrible job at impersonating a person. Impersonating the real Miss Ariel. This wasn’t how I expected the conversation to go but then I wasn’t expecting an attractive man as my new boss. I walked gawkily into the firm. I felt like my legs had lost their ability to function. I took slow strides towards him, hiding the patched dirty part of my dress with my purse, hating the way my shoes felt so heavy now that I actually needed to walk. I tried to quicken my pace and the next series of scenes played out like I was a character in a movie I didn’t know I was casted in. first I heard and felt the heel of my left shoe snap and next thing I’m losing balance and performing an involuntary split move as my legs moved in different directions sliding down the tiled floor then suddenly curved in awkward positions as I landed on my butt and I watched in shame as his facial expressions changed with every move I made.. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me and I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Mysterious looking guy’s next statement was the least expected..

“you know………

to be continued.

Thanks for reading… remember to tell me what you feel… and check out my other posts….


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