I knooowwww it’s been a really long time since i posted anything on my book ‘FORGOTTEN’… I just needed the right dose of inspiration which came this evening… and viola!! a chapter is out. Thank you all for your support. remember you can read the book with its chapters undisturbed here on wattpadand here on public bookshelf. Read, like, share, and most of all, please tell me what you think in the comment boxes below. I’m always open to constructive criticism!!! Enjoy


Ever since the ‘little’ scene with Ben at the hospital, Sarah hadn’t really admitted Continue reading “FORGOTTEN (CHAPTER FOUR)”



Size forty one

my mind is a hollow mess of a thousand echoes
bouncing off the walls of my heart
they whisper to me in loud voices
preying on labile feelings and desires

my gaze rests upon glitters and sparkles
with eyes like lust, I stare
coveting the things I cannot have
and the days long gone

this flesh made from clay
craves to be admired and adorned
it needs trophies and applause
it delights in vain glory

lIke the strings of a newly wound guitar
you pluck gently yet firmly
producing a melody so perfect it hurts
you hold out Your hand for a dance
my feet stay glued, tired from the journey of mistakes past

your eyes search mine gently,
I hear the words Your mouth need not speak,
“trust, put your hand in Mine, dance”
I see your eyes swim with tears
your hand is still held out
your body…

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Hey Peeps!!!! This is the second installment of a series I’m working on. you can get the first installment here. read, like, comment and tell me what you feel. I’m open to constructive criticism.

I walked briskly down the familiar road path leading to my work place, hissing and shaking my head for the hundredth time as I angrily kicked off a pebble with the pointed part of my red heels. It just had to be today. My car just had to get the car flu Continue reading “TALES OF ARIEL (II)”

Untouched, but forever touching

meta t h e r e s a


The dust has settled on the surface
Relaxing with the certainty of one so still,
One so sure of their place in the world

Beneath our feet
Above our heads
Everything in between

How did they arrive at such a juncture?
When did they acquire the wisdom of belonging, of rootedness?
Where and by what methods did they congregate so impressively?

So unified are they, that to grant them plurality
Is a blasphemy of the English language
The dust, they are called – not dusts

So infuriating is their flight
Swept away, they are displaced
But never out of place

So infuriating is their nonchalance
Finding equal footing amongst ledges or leaves
Shrugging their shoulders as they land in some niche

So infuriating is their nondiscrimination
Mingling with paraphernalia of the past and present alike
They touch everything, unaffected by associations

Sometimes I wish I were the dust

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