We were given our bodies so we could be strong, minds, so we could be wise and souls, so we could endure. ~ Every dream is a leap from the drudgery of endurance, like notes that fall back into silence. The truth is that each day we must endure or perish. ~ If you have endured, I […]

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I close my eyes as I lay down and let myself be transported

On the wheels of nature

Taking a deep breath, I inhale the rich scent of the raw earth

Letting the coolness of the evening dew mist over my face.

I listen to the rustling of the leaves above and the chirping of the birds in the trees

Slowly I open my eyes to behold the wonders of the night sky

Stars so bright –oh how they twinkle

Scattered yet arranged in an orderly fashion

A bright perfect crescent, warmly illuminating the earth

Casting beautiful shadows over the earth

Somewhere distant, I hear the trickling of water along a path I assume

I shiver as the night cold seeps into my skin, a smile forming on my face as I wonder and ask-

Question why I never saw this –the perfect beauty of nature

Surely, it must be visible, yet hidden to many who expect such beauty to come with a price tag

Forgetting, like I almost did, that the best things in life are free……



This is to Him who loved me before the beginning of time

Who chose me to be in Him before I knew left from right

This is to Him who believes in me and never gives up on me even when I mess up and stray from Him

This is to my Rock, my Strength, my Love and Inspiration

Without whom my life would lay waste in destruction

This is to Him who never tires of hearing me cry

Who never ceases to wipe my tears dry

This is to the giver of joy, peace and himself

Asking for nothing in return from me

This is to Him who I write and sing to

And most of all live for

This is to Him whose beautiful face I can’t wait to behold

Whose arms I can’t wait to embrace me

To hear Him whisper… Well done



I love You and always will for as long as you will me to live, doing Your will as you will and will continue to willingly live for You. I choose you above every other thing on earth and no one, living or dead, will ever come close for I am yours and you are mine…




Dear mum,

You brought us to life and gave life to us. You taught us discipline and showed us how to live by it. You brought us up in the way of the Lord and taught us to live by faith. You taught us love and how to live by it by being a perfect example yourself…. Despite our flaws and wrongs you loved us the same. Sacrificing all and making being a mother to us a full time job.13413659_1217477464983081_6659512595650575323_n(1) Today, we celebrate you for all that; the love, care and discipline. We hope and pray that as you begin another chapter in your life, all you ever want and desire would be yours and your life would be filled with joy from above and peace in your heart. We love you mum, from the bottom of our hearts. Happy birthday to a rare gem, the best mum in the world!!!!!gold2

From Pelumi, Rinumi and Pamilerin

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