Someone is crazily in love with you,

Mindful of you, always thinks of you

Remember Him? The one true love?

He literally died for you, is advocating for you,

He cares for you, would do what’s best for you

Remember Him?

His name is Emmanuel… God with us


When the pressures of life begin to weigh you down,

And the race becomes difficult to run

Remember to cast your burdens upon Him

And take His yoke upon you

Trust me- it’s the lightest you’d ever get

Remember, unlike the world,

He would not give you more than you can bear


Just like you, this happens with most of us

Insecure due to the contents of your purse

Remember, He owns a thousand cattle on the hills

And He gives to every man as He wills

Have faith, trust, in His presence tarry,

Remember, He’d provide all you need according to His riches in glory


And so when you’re at crossroads

Between your desires and his will,

Remember the cross on the road

To Gethsemane, being led to be killed

A completely innocent man

Remember, He put your needs before His glory

His grace is more than enough for you


Finally in the heat of your joy and celebration

Knowing He’s yours and you’re His –no confusion

Remember He has placed in our hands the ministry of reconciliation

Do not hesitate to set it in motion

Preach to the world, Salvation

Remember, uniting everyone in Him, is our mission


Remember, Emmanuel is counting on you, and you, and me.





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