Child Abuse

Hello pearlypeeps! Howdy? So last night, my younger sister read out a poem she wrote to me and I was really impressed. It was an assignment where she was required to write a poem on the topic ‘Child Abuse’ and I liked it so much I decided to share it with you guys. She’s quite young by the way, 11yrs old and she’s pretty amazing, trust me. I hope you enjoy it too…here it is


Children hawking on the streets

While gawking at the surroundings

Looking sad and oppressed

Wondering when they will rest.


Children being assaulted

Not knowing what to do

Out of fear they say nothing

Not even a person to talk to.


Children being beaten badly

When nothing they have done

Wondering when this will end

Wondering who would be their savior


Is this to be our fate?

When assaulted, beaten and oppressed

But we do have hope,

That one day our story would change


Oluwarinumi Alabi


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