Hey pearlypeeps!!! I was supposed to post the second chapter of my book ‘forgotten’ this evening but I couldn’t because unfortunately, it’s not ready yet and I still need to make some research if I want to give you something good to read. Sooooo I decided to post the first installment of a story about this fictional girl I’ve been writing about for a while instead. I think you would love her. I apologize for not keeping my promise to update the second chapter to you Esther, Hopefully it would be ready by friday. This post is dedicated to Esther for giving me the zeal to finish the second chapter of ‘forgotten’. thank you so much Esther, and everyone who started the journey of ‘forgotten’ with me. this post is like a side dish, for a small smile. enjoy….


“Good morning to you. It’s time to get off the bed now”

“Good morning to you. You have a long day ahead of you today”

Who is this lady disturbing my beauty sleep? Seriously she should get out of my room, I’m not in the mood for games this morning. Wait, why am I not in the mood for games today? I’m Ari, I’m always in the mood for games.

“Good morning to you. It’s time to get off the bed now” aww she’s at it again.

“Just shut up. I’m getting up already. Who are you by the way and why can I hear your voice on my bed?” I replied drowsily, my eyes still shut as I turned over to my right side to face the intruder

“Good morning to you. You have a long day ahead of you” why does this voice sound eerily familiar? Almost like I hear it on a daily basis.

“your voice sounds familiar so I’m assuming you’re a friend, be rest assured you’re dead when I open my eyes. Need advice? Get out of my room now when you have the chance” I tried for the last time to send the lady out

“Good morning to you. It’s time to get off the bed now” looks like it didn’t work

“ Are those the only sentences you were tau-” I was cut short by the empty space I saw next to me on my bed as I slowly opened my eyes

“Good morning to you. You have a long day ahead of you” that voice.

I was fully awake now, no kidding. I looked in the direction of the window in my room out of habit and saw that it was still dark outside. If I thought I wasn’t in the mood for games earlier, I think I’m in a worse mood presently as different thoughts started going through my mind

“Good morning to-” the voice sounded so close to me, like a person was lying next to me on the- wait a minute, a ghost? That sent shivers up my spine as I slowly rolled over in the opposite direction from the voice to the edge of my side of the bed, rolling to the floor silently.

“Good morning to-” even if she’s a ghost, she should learn to keep shut. I can’t tell her that of course, I can’t even see her. I felt the breeze blow through my window and I looked up from the corner of my bed where I was temporarily hiding and saw that my curtains were parted and moving in the direction of the wind in opposite directions. Suddenly a scene from a horror movie I watched flashed through my mind. It was a similar case and the moment the actress said a word, her throat was slit. Immediately. Silently. I involuntarily covered my neck with both my hands. Damn those horror movies.

“Good morning to-” this was it, this was the end and I was going to die; A lonely painful death at that. I didn’t even get to enjoy getting married. I didn’t get to travel the world or meet with any famous person in life, hell I didn’t even get my first promotion at work. My story was going to be about the death of another unsuccessful pretty twenty-two year old spinster. I could already see the title of the story in my head “PROMISING BEAUTIFUL SPINSTER FOUND DEAD IN HER APARTMENT ON A SUNDAY MORNING” or was it a Monday morning? It really didn’t matter now as I was going to die in a couple of seconds now if the ghost decides to act as fast as the ghost in the movie.

“Good morning to-” I could feel the tears prickling the back of my eyes already, I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my parents or my friends, or colleagues at work. Life isn’t just fair. I tried to take a look round my room as I raised my head above my bed again and looked towards the window. The curtains were back in their correct positions and everywhere was quiet, deathly still. The quiet before the storm.

“Good morning to-” I felt the first teardrop slide down my cheek as the voice said again. I sighted a glow underneath my pillow and quickly ducked my head down to the back of the bed. Did the ghost miss her way? Perhaps she’s following the glow under my pillow, mistaking it for the light spirits go into once they are free from their bodies? I hear they do that sometimes, I’ve watched it in a couple of movies too. But then why is the glow under my pillow? Oh my God! I gasped, could it be that I’ve been living close to the light for the past six months? Hold up. I’m a Christian and we don’t believe in stuff like that, it’s either heaven or hell after death. Again, damn those horror movies. God please if you save me from this, I promise not to watch horror movies anymore. I promise. I said a silent prayer hoping the voice was going to stop. Suddenly it was quiet , not even the voice was heard, wow! God really does answer prayers in times of need” I waited for a minute in the same position, counting the seconds on my fingertips, waiting to see if the voice would say something again. Nothing. I breathed a sigh of relief as I cleared my throat quietly and said in a small whisper

“Is anybody there?” I raised my head a bit above my bed and stole a glance at my pillow. No glow. It looks like the ghost finally left; I can’t be too sure though

“I’m sorry about the things I said earlier, I was still asleep then.” I said with more confidence trying to stand upright. No response.

This is weird, I need to call my pastor right now to assist me in prayers so that even if she decides to show up again, I’d have my pastor attacking her with arrows of fire. I allowed myself a small smile, I wasn’t going to die a lonely death anymore, at least not without a fight. Now where’s my phone? I searched through the pockets of the trousers and jacket I was wearing and didn’t feel the familiar cool flat metal that was my phone. Where did I put it before going to bed yesterday? I tried to remember the events of the previous day as it all came rushing back to me. I rubbed my face and sat down on my bed slowly feeling my face getting warm from embarrassment as I remembered the events from yesterday. I felt more embarrassed thinking about what just happened this morning; I covered my face with both of my hands and fell on my back on my bed. How much longer would I have to keep putting myself in situations like this? No wonder David broke up with me. Nobody wants a girlfriend that acts like she’s out of planet earth ninety percent of the time. I suddenly sat up on my bed looking around the ceiling of my room frantically as a thought came to my mind, I hope there are no cameras or anything like that. Imagine what people would think when they see a video of a young lady who just pulled a prank on herself. I bet it’d go viral.

“Good morning to-” this time I just reached under my pillow and pulled out my phone, turning of the alarm drily. I dropped the phone back on my bed and lied on my back again.

I know some of you think I’m probably the daftest- if there’s a word like that, person on earth and others might still be confused. For both sets of people, calm down; there’s always an explanation. Take a seat, grab a bowl of popcorn and watch as I give you an insight to the reason behind my little embarrassing act this morning.

It all started last night… actually it started about a year ago, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon….


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  1. As I read this episode, I was like, whats gon happen next? Who is scaring this chic? And as I read on, I’m like, Oh! Its just her phone… Dear, you got me chilling on eggshells.

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