pearlypel3I watched in silence sitting under a tree, at a group of friends discussing about life and its stress. A guy was trying to make his friends believe in the existence of a life without the stress of survival. His points were quite arguable and his friends argued the impossibility of his belief as expected. Now, still sitting under the same tree, the group of friends long gone, I can’t help but wonder if a life like that actually exists. I mean, right from you first cry to your final breath, you try to satisfy your insatiable wants; insatiable the key word here. as a baby, you’re hungry, sleepy; as a young adult, you’re trying to study hard to create a career and future for yourself; as an adult, you’re trying to keep food on the table and be successful; even as an aging person, you’re trying hard prolong your life span, reduce aging and enjoy the fruits of your labor. so basically, all through the stages of your life, you’re trying to satisfy one need or the other while also keeping your Christian faith- which also takes energy and time, strong. Stress is inevitable. period.

So I’m still here,sitting under the same tree, thinking about the same thing, and I still don’t have an answer. I’m pretty sure a life like that is non-existent but then, I can’t be too sure because you never can tell the next person that would come out saying he’s been sleeping all through the sixty-five or seventy-five years of his life!!! lol


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  1. Its lovely to see a Christian, young, passionate and full of verve. And I agree with you. I’m here, sitting under a tree, thinking about the same things and I’m stressed. I’m loving you girl!


  2. I’m so glad ain’t alone on this thought or shall I say subject topic. Lots are just hanging-by waiting to be satisfied.


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