Beep. Beep. Beep. The sound seemed like it was coming from a machine somewhere far away and it got louder with every repeated beep. She opened her eyes slowly and had to shut them back immediately as the bright white light pierced her eyes. Why would there be bright light in her room?

“I think she’s coming out of it” a male voice. Why was a man in her room?

“Sarah, are u awake? Can you hear me?” the same voice. Who was Sarah and why was the man asking if she was awake? Was she sharing her room with someone else? She tried to open her eyes slowly, testing the intensity of the light before finally opening them after they adjusted to the light. She opened her eyes to white walls with a fluorescent white bulb fixed at the edge of the wall, close to the ceiling. No wonder the light was blinding, too much whites. Continue reading “FORGOTTEN (CHAPTER TWO)”



Hey pearlypeeps!!! I was supposed to post the second chapter of my book ‘forgotten’ this evening but I couldn’t because unfortunately, it’s not ready yet and I still need to make some research if I want to give you something good to read. Sooooo I decided to post the first installment of a story about this fictional girl I’ve been writing about for a while instead. I think you would love her. I apologize for not keeping my promise to update the second chapter to you Esther, Hopefully it would be ready by friday. This post is dedicated to Esther for giving me the zeal to finish the second chapter of ‘forgotten’. thank you so much Esther, and everyone who started the journey of ‘forgotten’ with me. this post is like a side dish, for a small smile. enjoy….


“Good morning to you. It’s time to get off the bed now”

“Good morning to you. You have a long day ahead of you today”

Who is this lady disturbing my beauty sleep? Seriously she should get out of my room, I’m not in the mood for games this morning. Wait, why am I not in the mood for games today? I’m Ari, I’m always in the mood for games.

“Good morning to you. It’s time to get off the bed now” aww she’s at it again.

“Just shut up. I’m getting up already. Who are you by the way and why can I hear your voice on my bed?” I replied drowsily, my eyes still shut as I turned over to my right side to face the intruder

“Good morning to you. You have a long day ahead of you” why does this voice sound eerily familiar? Almost like I hear it on a daily basis.

Continue reading “TALES OF ARIEL”




“What time did u say your parents are arriving town tomorrow?” Debra asked, sprawled on a side of the bed with her phone in her hands

“They are scheduled to arrive at Johannesburg International airport by 1O’clock I think. I should give them a call. It’s been skipping my mind” Sarah replied, picking up her phone from the pile of folded clothes she had on her bed and typed her mum’s number offhand into the phone. Her mum picked on the third ring.

“hey baby” her mum sounded breathless on the phone

“hey mum, what’s up?” she replied, balancing the phone between her right ear and her shoulder.

“I’ve been up all night packing. Your dad didn’t even lift a finger and just expects me to get everything ready. Can u imagine?”

“hmmmn hmmmn, yes mum I do understand” Sarah replied, arranging the folded clothes into a compartment in the wardrobe she shared with Debra.

“what I don’t understand is why you still complain after twenty-three years. You should be used to it by now” Continue reading “FORGOTTEN (CHAPTER ONE)”


pearlypel3I watched in silence sitting under a tree, at a group of friends discussing about life and its stress. A guy was trying to make his friends believe in the existence of a life without the stress of survival. His points were quite arguable and his friends argued the impossibility of his belief as expected. Now, still sitting under the same tree, the group of friends long gone, I can’t help but wonder if a life like that actually exists. I mean, right from you first cry to your final breath, you try to satisfy your insatiable wants; insatiable the key word here. as a baby, you’re hungry, sleepy; as a young adult, you’re trying to study hard to create a career and future for yourself; as an adult, you’re trying to keep food on the table and be successful; even as an aging person, you’re trying hard prolong your life span, reduce aging and enjoy the fruits of your labor. so basically, all through the stages of your life, you’re trying to satisfy one need or the other while also keeping your Christian faith- which also takes energy and time, strong. Stress is inevitable. period.

So I’m still here,sitting under the same tree, thinking about the same thing, and I still don’t have an answer. I’m pretty sure a life like that is non-existent but then, I can’t be too sure because you never can tell the next person that would come out saying he’s been sleeping all through the sixty-five or seventy-five years of his life!!! lol


Posted on March 5, 2016 by pearlypel

Sooooooooo i finally did it!!!! finally created my own blog. After endless persuasions and and pleas from my friends and Basically, the blog’s going to be about books-christian books(I’m a novelist/storyteller- for new visitors/fans to be who might not know about me) and every other thing that comes to mind and i hope it’s worth it and you enjoy being here. i really don’t know what else to say at this point. I guess I’d just welcome you into my boringly interesting life- It’s fun i promise!!!! muahhhh!!!!

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